Welcome to the Flatirons Community

The Flatirons Community is a unique place for you to connect with others just like you - others who share this Me Too community.  

There are many ways you can engage - let's take a moment to explore just a few of those.



Small Groups

Our hope is that everyone who is part of this community is able to connect with others in a smaller environment.  Small groups are a great way for us to join arm in arm with others as we do life together and venture through the joys and challenges.  The Flatirons community host a many small groups for you to explore.  If you don't see one that interest you then please launch one of your own.  This is your community and it takes all of us to build this.



Online Groups

Our connections with others goes beyond who we can meet with on a regular basis, like we do in the above mentioned small groups.  We have so many things that define who we are... we like to hunt, scuba dive, we attend West Campus, we are a parent, we enjoy hiking, we love the Broncos, and so much more.  These are reasons and ways to connect as well.  Online groups are a means for you to connect through another lens... connecting around shared interests.  Explore our directory of online groups or launch an online group of your own.  



My Interests

These environments are for you to find the key areas of personal interest.  For example, you may attend West Campus, you serve with International Missions and Guest Services, you are Married, you're a Parent, and you love Scuba Diving & Hiking.  Great news!  You're not the only one who shares these points of interest... so do so many others.  These are environments for us to connect with others who have these common points of interest and common intersections of life.

Once you are in an interest area you can connect with others in that interest area, read relevant content, or submit content for that area.  

The Flatirons Community has specific interest areas for the following:


Our vision is that everyone in our community is using your unique skills and talents to serve the world around us.  We have built an aggregated list of short term trips where many organizations are posting their opportunities into this one central location.  Search for a short term trip that suits your unique interests.  



People in the Community

The community directory is always sorted by those you have the most in common at the top.  Here are a few things you can do:

  • Search by Name
  • Search by DNA Classifications (or multiple pieces) - perhaps you would like to see people who are Parents who also love International Missions
  • View Member’s Profiles
  • View Commonality - the DNA attributes that are highlighted in green are the DNA attributes you share in common
  • Direct Message - send a message to someone in the community (you can block if needed)



Your Profile & Notifications

We all have our unique identity, the unique ways in which we are created.  This is important, for it makes us who we are… and no two of us are exactly the same.  But as different as we are, we all share certain things in common. Yes, we share a common faith, but some of us share a common vocation or where we live or our stage in life or God has impressed upon us a passion for a particular issue or topic and we share that with others who have that same passion.

Your DNA selections, then, are what places you in these communities and groups of like-minded people. You can remove yourself from a gathering or join one by simply editing your profile. You can do this by clicking on the photo icon to the top right and then click “Edit Profile”.  Now click “Community Settings” & "DNA" and then edit as you please.  

Your selection of Community DNA will also determine the notifications your receive for community content.  You can edit this by clicking on the photo icon to the top right and then click “Edit Profile”.  Now click “Community Settings” & "Notification Preferences" and then edit your notifications by daily, weekly, monthly, or unsubscribe.  You can manage the frequency for each DNA item.





Remember, this is your community.

We’ve built this entire environment for you to explore, to learn, to connect, and to be encouraged.

Our hope is that the strength of community can change our lives and the world around us.

Join us on this journey together.

You are never alone.

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