How to launch a Flatirons small group

1. Sign into your account (or create an account)

Flatirons requires an account to launch a home group in order to provide you the tools to manage your home group.


2. Tell us about your small group

You will be able to enter the following fields to better explain and describe your home group"

  • Group Name
  • Description
  • Privacy Settings
  • Registration Deadline (leave blank if none)
  • Banner Image
  • Group Meeting Location
  • Gender Filter
  • Life Stage Filter
  • Age Groups Filter
  • Start Date
  • End Date (leave blank if none)
  • Meeting Frequency
  • and more








3. Submit for approval 

Someone on the Flatirons team will receive a notification as soon as you submit your home group.  Your group will be quickly reviewed and you will receive an email update shortly.


4. Manage your small group

Once your home group has been approved you have a variety of tools to better manage your home group.

  • Manage participants
  • Email sender to your group
  • Group message board
  • Group stories


Launch a small group now!