by Michelle Huey


#tbhquestions | What is the best way to control worry and stress?

QUESTION | What is the best way to control worry and stress?

ANSWER | Worry is sometimes a symptom of a bigger trust issue. We often worry because we don’t fully trust that God will keep his promises to us, and instead, we want to be in control. The Bible encourages us to pray about the things we’re worried about, knowing that God will take care of us, and to remember the ways God has worked things out for our good in the past.

Psalm 37:7-9
Matthew 6:25-34


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  • Bailey Mitchell

    What if your past hasn't been so good, only pain and suffering..when will it end?
  • Darrin Graham

    Bailey. Will you call the church office during business hours (303-664-5524) on Tuesday. Or please call our executive pastor at 720-350-8302 at any time.
  • Scott Fowler

    Thanks for posting!
  • Kayla Dixon

    @bailey - Im with you. Heres my solution to that. Short version - Grew up in safe houses, my bio father would always hunt us down and try to kill us, beat my mom with a hammer, shredded my gpas face with a knife.. as kids we were trained to run if moms face was ever blown off by a gun... we had it rough. Thats not even .1% of my story... I have struggled with that thought my whole life. I realized tho that God and staying still in life, quit worrying does the trick. Have trust in god that he aint gonna throw you under that bus. its not easy just to say tho,... So usually I try to do simple things or preoccupy my brain with tasks... painting a wall, getting out and window shopping, boondocks... anything to make me calm and forget it. In the worse, I usually will lay down or wait till bed time and sleep. my thoughts calm down after this. I will always have a man after me. Constant fear. You cant let the past control you. Youre stronger than that. Dont let people around you take control. Dont let society tell you who the heck you are. Be a rebel. Be against statistics. By definition I would have been a women selling sex on a street... I choose not to. I found something that I loved and wanted dearly - children. and tho Im infertile now, it drove me. Try not to do things to inflame youself - dont date, try not to allow variables in your life, control your area until you find some peace mentally. I know your post is in May but I wanted to express this. It will only end when you tell it to end. Its all fake. Your stress is all in your brain. Only you can make it better. Dont like your situation? Fmaily been horrible? whatever that is - you are in CONTROL. God is in CONTROL. Choose to get out of it. I did. Im not a 30 something successful female (wasnt easy) who kicks butt. Im overweight, infertile, have a black sheep brother, a bio father who always is wanting to hurt us, Jerkish coworkers at times, but... I love flowers. I love to plant them. I love to look around at this world. None the less... I hope this helps. I literally went down the pipe... until I almost died in 2014 from a dissection in my corroded and a blood clot. months of hospitalization. That changed me. Dont let it get to that. Dont let that be your ultimate change. You have it great. You are sheltered. Youre eating. You have a great church here for you. also - please - get off social media for 2 months. that will excentuate your issues whatever they may be. And if you really are having a hard time contact SHIFT. They will help.
  • Ben Scholberg

    Are there any moms out there who have been through miscarriage? I need support for my wife. Text me 720-467-7623

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