Two Types of Groups

Flatirons Connect offers our community two types of groups so that you can better connect with this amazing community.  Online groups are based around shared interests.  Small groups are regularly meeting groups at a home or some other location.

  1. Interest Groups - for individuals looking to connect with other people who share common interest like hiking, cycling, crafts, or any other shared interest.  These groups are also around causes for things such as SOZO International or Musana.
  2. Small Groups - geographically based home groups that have a regular set meeting time 


More about Interest Groups

Online groups are a great way for you to join in with others who share common interests as you and stay connected.  Our community is extremely diverse; this is a means to help make things a little smaller and help us see how much we do have in common with others here.  Remember this is our Me Too community.  As you explore various online groups you will see many that already align with some of your personal interest.  If not, launch one that does!  


More about Small Groups

Connecting often goes beyond simply knowing who else has a common interest as me, it often leads us to regularly getting together with others in the community to explore life, dig deeper in Scripture, and do life together.  We encourage this as we know that life change happens in small groups.  This is a tool for you to explore (or launch) a small group and meet regularly with others in the community.