about groups

Groups are essential to the life of the church and the life of us as followers of Christ.  We all know that life change happens in the context of small groups of people.  Our desire is to launch a multitude of groups to see greater life change in all of us.  Flatirons groups are for you.  If you don't see a group that matches your interest, launch one!

frequently asked questions

How do I find a group?

There are several ways to find a Flatirons Connect group - you can search the map, the list, or perform your own search by keyword or other filters.


Search the Map

Explore the map and find a group near your home or other geographical location.

Search by Group List

Search groups by list and see which groups are recommended for you.

Custom Search

Use the search tools to find a group matching specific tags or day of the week.

What tools do I have as a group member?

  • Group Environment - a dedicated place for you and others in the group to connect, share discussions and resources, and much more.
  • Directory - look through the other members of a group and connect with individuals with a shared interest.
  • Discussions - start discussions for group members to read and share thoughts.
  • Content - post content such as files, videos, and more.
  • Stories - share stories of personal reflection and life.

How do I start a group?

Launching a new group on Flatirons Connect is simple.  You will need a few pieces of information to start your group.  

  • Name - name your group something simple and something understandable.  It's fine to be creative with your name but it may be so creative people don't understand what it's all about.
  • Description - provide a description that unpacks the purpose of your group, who it's for, what it's all about and other information you think someone would want to know as they are looking into various groups to join.
  • Privacy - do you want this group to be visible to others in the community or just to people you send a direct invite to join?
  • Images - load a logo or cover photo if you have one.  Images make for powerful expressions of what the group is all about plus everyone likes a picture to tell the story about the group.
  • Address - if your group meets regularly at a specific place then fill in an address for the meeting location.  You have a few other preference settings here if you want to keep your address hidden.
  • Preferences - and a few final preferences to select for how you want to manage your group.

What tools do I have for managing a group?

  • Dashboard - we provide you with a dashboard so you can better understand the makeup of your group and recent people who have joined.
  • Schedule - set a meeting schedule for groups that meet on a regular basis (weekly, every other week, monthly, etc.).  This helps people search for a group by a certain day of the week as well.
  • Admins - invite others to become admins of a group so one person doesn't have to do all the work.
  • Tags - tag your group by certain tags in the Flatirons Connect community to help people find these groups and for us to help recommend groups to people based on these tags.
  • Members - manage the directory of people who have joined your group.
  • Email - craft emails to send out to your group on an as needed basis.

Have other questions?

Please let us know - fill out this form and someone from our team will be in touch shortly.